Great American Eclipse of 2024

Geocaching: World's Largest Treasure Hunt:

Backpacking Adventures:

 Snow Camping in Yosemite
 Backpacking in Great Smokey Mountains

Business Trips to Interesting Places:

 GGF Conference in Toronto, Canada

Multi-Country Caribbean Cruise:

 Soaking Sun in Jamaica
 Caribbean Cruise
 Architecture in Cartagena
 The San Blas Islands, Panama
 Arriving at the Panama Canal
 Gatun Locks, Panama Canal
 Boat Tour of Chagres River, Panama
 Rain Forest Hike, Panama
 Whitewater River Rafting in Costa Rica

A Swiss and German Excursion:

 Swiss Village of Diessenhofen
 Visiting the Rhine Falls
 CUG Conference in Stuttgart, Germany

Been There, Got the T-Shirt:

 Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Exploring Western Mexico:

 My First Foreign Country: Mexico
 Horseback Riding, Mexico
 Architecture in Guadalajara
 Central Market, Guadalajara
 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Spanish Missions of California:

Conferences in Interesting Places:

Central America Excursion:

Exploring Peru:

Southeast Asia Excursion:

Camping Adventures:

Water Adventures:

Exploring Western France: