Architecture in Guadalajara

June 19th, 1995 | Mexico, Culture, Architecture | 2252 views
Teatro Degollado, Guadalajara

The intrepid travelers, plus four new friends we met at the resort, hired a guide to drive us to Guadalajara and show us around. What an amazing day!

Sliding out of the red and white taxi-van, I hauled the heavy door closed behind me. Turning slowly around, I found myself in the downtown market district of Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico and one of the most beautiful in all of North America. The central grassy square was patrolled by bronze statues of famous military heroes. The grand cathedral peeked over the tops of the trees revealing its blended Gothic, Byzantine, and Arabic architectural styles, hinting at the charm of the old world.

Guadalajara Cathedral, Guadalajara, Mexico
Palacio de Gobierno, Guadalajara, Mexico

On the drive back to Manzanillo, our driver pointed to our left: the steaming cone of Colima Volcano stood magestic off in the distance.

Colima Volcano, Mexico

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