Caribbean Cruise

August 31st, 1998 | International Waters, People | 867 views
Friends at Dinner on Cruise Ship

After departing Jamaica, our cruise ship sailed toward South America.

Our group of four friends were embarking upon a seven day, four country tour of the southern Caribbean Sea. Our ship was the SS Oceanbreeze, owned by Premier Cruises. This ship was a smaller, older (built in 1954), beautiful vessel with hardwood deck floors and polished brass handrails.

Each day we arrived at a different port of call in a different country. Our days were spent in shore excursions and our evenings and nights aboard the ship. The meals were amazing, and the on-board activities were entertaining, though we spent most of the days exploring the various countries we visited.

Photo with Captain Pappas of the SS Oceanbreeze
Five Friends at Formal Dinner Aboard Ship
Disembarking the SS Oceanbreeze

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